Past Recipients

Thanks from our Recipients

"It has been a pleasure working with all of you during the past year! Thank you for all you do to help Centre County. Your support of our community helps to make it a better place for everyone and we really appreciate your direct support of our clients the last two years." - Housing Transitions, Inc.

"The Elves's Gift Shop was a terrific opportunity to both raise funds and build awareness. Thank you for working so hard to create that opportunity for us." - Housing Transisitons, Inc.

"Thank you for your ongoing support of HTI - most recently joining us on a chilly Saturday morning to help with the race! You are terrific!" - Housing Transistions, Inc.

"Thank you for your partnership over the last 2 years, and keep doing what you are doing. You are all making a difference in this community!" - Tides

"Thank you for you generous donations to the family you 'adopted' this Thanksgiving... Thank you again for your continued kindness and for keeping YSB in yoru thoughts!" - Centre County Youth Services Bureau

Partial List of Past Recipients

Jana Marie Foundation (2015-2017)
Housing Transitions, Inc. (2013-2015)
Tides (2011-2013)
Bob Perks Cancer Assistance Fund (2009-2011)